Laminating is the process of gluing a thin layer of plastic to a paper with the help of heat. Not only is the production of plastic damaging to nature but the fact that it’s almost impossible to separate from the paper makes it really hard to recycle. LAM’ON is a 100% biodegradable laminating film for print. It is derived from renewable resources like corn. The glue layer that we developed specifically for the needs of the industry is completely toxic-free. It is also water soluble in order to ease the recycling process. On top of that our production method is simplified in a way that saves us time and money. LAM’ON offers the same results, is used on the same machines, and is offered at the same price range as the currently used laminating films.


+ A 100% biodegradable composition
+ Derived from corn


+ No toxic components even in the glue
+ Suitable for compost


+ One less step in the production process
+ Saves time and resources


+ Available in a variety of finishes
+ Same price range

Angela Ivanova

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Gergana Stancheva

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Philip Ublekov PhD

Head of R&D and Managing Partner